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 More so than by any other sense, our strongest memories and most deeply felt emotions are fixed and reawakened by smell. It is a scientific fact, pure and simple.

Essential oils and aromatherapy speak a pure, direct language to our inner selves. They touch us in ways that canned music or an office "with a view" cannot. In their way, they might have a greater effect on the health of our attitudes and our bodies, than the unnatural, invasive treatments and chemicals so many people rely on to get through the day.

We believe the freshness and purity of nature stimulates the mind and refreshes the weary soul. Essential oils assist the body in its natural processes, physically and mentally.


The Basic Ten Pack contains 5ml bottles of:

 Agility - (a blend of ginger root, wild lavender ,cajeput, juniper berry, eucalyptus and marjoram) which may assist the body in soothing a tired musculature after physical activity),

Cedarwood, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lavender, Peppermint, Orange, Tea Tree, Wild Rosemary,

The NCS Guide to Aromatherapy, and the Aromasense audiotape.

PRICE: £57.57

Mixing Oil - Neways mixing oil is a delightful combination of pure expeller and cold pressed oils from grapeseed, safflower, primrose and apricot kernel. This oil will combine well with your choice of essential oils to create a gentle yet effective aromatic mixture of oils to apply to the skin.

Mixing oil is suited for topical use only and is not intended for cooking or diffusing

Price: 220 ml. - £14.00

Tangible Massage Lotion - Formulated for a silky, non-greasy feeling, Tangible massage lotion is designed to mix easily with your favourite essential oil or combination of oils. By selecting your favourite aromatic fragrance each massage can be scented exclusively for mood enhancement or aromatherapy experience. Price : 220 ml. - £12.34

Neways Singles - aromatherapy essential oils:

Cedarwood 15ml - £ 8.23

Peppermint 15ml - £ 8.22

Cypress 15ml - £13.16

Pine Needle 15ml - £13.16

Eucalyptus 15ml - £ 4.94

Roman Chamomile 5ml - £12.34

Frankincense 5ml - £25.50

Tangerine 15ml - £ 8.23

Geranium 15ml - £18.09

Tea Tree 15ml - £16.45

Grapefruit 15ml - £ 6.58

Wild Rosemary 15ml - £10.69

Helichrysum 5ml - £ 8.23

Ylang Ylang Extra 5ml - £ 8.23

Lavender 15ml - £ 21.28

Orange 15ml - £ 5.76


Reproduced by kind permission of Neways International Ltd

Independent Distributor of Neways Products