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As quantum physics tells us, everything is energy. The aura is the energy field that surrounds the physical body. No two living creatures have the same aura - it is specific to the body at the time it is viewed, and can change according to the circumstances, and the mood.

Although inanimate objects also have energy fields around them, they are more difficult to detect than those present in living things, whose energy is active and stronger.

The energy field around the human body is described as an oval field of light with colours, and layers. The layers are each at different vibrational levels: the "etheric body", being closest to the physical body, and the "spiritual layer" the furthest away.

Auras are visible to some people, such as clairvoyants and some healers. They can also be detected by Kirlian photography, which is often on offer at New Age shops, and psychic fayres etc. I had my own Kirlian photograph taken at a Crystal Shop while on holiday in Kuala Lumpur.

Your aura is affected by the people around you, and can be enhanced when you are in contact with happy, cheerful people, but can also be sapped by having negative people around you. I think most of us have found our energy being drained at some time, when listening to someone who is full of woe, without a good word to say!

Aura photography:

My photograph (ignore the scratch when removed from camera!) came with a print out that reads:

Left Side = Future, and shows the vibrational energy coming into the person - the closer it is, the sooner it will be felt.

Spiritual evolution is in store : Violet is a mixture of Blue (unlimited Knowledge) and Red (activity). Therefore, spiritual activity will be in your aura, with the highest vibrational frequencies being distributed.

Centre = Experience, The colour shown over your head is what you experience for self now: Spiritually motivated would best describe you, with White having all the qualities of all the colours.

Right Side = Expression, and is traditionally being the energy expressed. The vibrational frequency most likely seen or felt by others around and what you are putting out to the World.

You have a healing effect on all in your field. White is a mixture of all colours. You emit all the qualities at the same time. Though White tends to be unstable, like a supernova, it is a healing experience. You could be a spiritual leader!!

For details of a study carried out by Ralf Marien-Engelbarts, a Kirlian photographer for Biosun - the makers of Hopi Earcandles, please click where highlighted to go to a PDF download.


Our Aura is also connected with our charkas, the "energy centres" running through the body.

There are Seven Main Chakras in the body, whose colours are:


Crown Chakra - Purple/Violet

3rd Eye Chakra - Indigo

Throat Chakra - Light Blue

Heart Chakra - Green/Pink

Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow

Sacral Chakra - Orange

Root Chakra - Red


The Crown Chakra is our Spiritual connection to the universe. A place where our dreams take place. It controls our eyes and the top of the brain, pineal gland, Circadian Rhythm, and central nervous system

The Third Eye Chakra deals with our senses, inner vision and psychic abilities. It also controls our pituitary gland, dream states, and decision making.

The Throat Chakra deals with communication and controls the voice, creative expression and Thyroid area.

The Heart Chakra deals with our emotions and relationships with others. It controls the thymus gland and the physical area around the breast, heart and lungs.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located in the diaphragm area, and deals with the stomach, liver and surrounding area. It focuses our Emotions, power, and will, as well as our sense of ego, and self-control.

The Sacral Chakra is found in the pelvic area, and controls our use of personal power and passion. It controls the area around the reproductive organs.

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine/perineum. It connects us to the earth, survival, and what is physical. It controls the Adrenal glands, Kidneys, spinal column, bladder, blood and circulation.

When our charkas are in balance, we will feel in tip-top condition. The Chakras (energy Centres) are seen as "funnels of energy" emanating from the body.

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Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Hopi Candles)

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