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Baby-safe Neways toxin-free Generations products are the gentle alternative recommended by Natural Health House for safe use by massage therapists:

Babywipes are great for freshening up feet before reflexology.

Baby Lotion is ideal for massage (see details below).

Baby Powder is just right for drying off feet and cooling the body after a massage session.

Neways new range of 'little products for little people' are designed specifically for young children and babies.

Neways Generations Baby Wipes are prepared from the highest quality ingredients making them safe, hygienic, useful and very practical. Item code 2615GB price £7.75

Neways Generations Baby Lotion Has many beneficial uses. It is formulated with aloe vera, standardised oat extract, olive oil derivative, vitamin E, rose hips oil and shea butter, which will keep your child's skin nourished, smooth and healthy. With the inclusion of Babassoo oil the latest in skin-nourishing science. Neways baby lotion is also ideal for massage - why not add one of the Neways Essential Oils to the lotion and give your child a beneficial massage? Item Code 2619GB Price £7.75

Neways Generations Head and Body Wash - a unique cleanser that features ingredients derived from natural olive oil and oats. This formula is suitable for the child's skin and hair. Its gentle foaming action leaves both hair and body clean and refreshed and won't irritate your child's skin or eyes. Item Code 2618GB Price £7.75

Neways Generations Baby Powder - Neways Generation Baby Powder has tapioca as the base for this product, as it is felt that tapioca is a safer alternative to conventional ingredients. With added chitosan, vitamin E and aloe vera it absorbs moisture and aids against body odour. Chitosan may aid in reducing minor skin irritations, whilst vitamin E, an antioxidant, may improve the texture of the skin. Item Code 2616GB Price £7.75

Neways Generations Bubble Bath - is a unique blend of coconuts and oats which acts to condition and moisturise your childs skin. Bathtime for your child will always be fun with the thick foamy and long-lasting bubbles. Its mild and gentle formula is fragrance free, perfect for the child's skin and wont irritate the eyes. Item Code 2620GB Price £7.75

Neways Generations Detangler - This easy-to-use detangler combines perfectly with Neways Generations Head & Body Shampoo to leave your child's hair soft and manageable, without being sticky or heavy. Its spray-on formula is fortified with vitamin B, which allows even the most unruly head of hair to be combed. Item Code 2617GB Price £7.75


Independent Distributor of Neways Products