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Check Out Your Bathroom Products Today!


 You might be surprised to find that the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house.

 More hospitalisations and accidents occur from products in the bathroom than from anywhere else in the house - including the kitchen!

Check the products listed below for harmful products found in the list that follows.


 Bubble Bath

 Toothpaste

 Soap

 Deodorant

 Shaving Foam

 Shower Gel

 Face Cream

 Moisturiser

 Cosmetics



Do any of your bathroom products contain any of the following ingredients?


Surely, if these products were potentially harmful they would not be on sale, would they?

Elizabeth Sword, the Chief Executive of the Children's Health Environmental Coalition puts it like this - "People blindly assume that if the product is on the market it must be okay or the government would not have allowed it to be sold".

However, the fact is this information has been available for many years but never publicised within the medical community! Just like the Tobacco industry was able to do for decades, they produce scientific data of their own.Remember, it took 20 years of campaigning before the Tobacco industry was forced to take action and print health warnings on cigarette packets.

The range of Neways personal and household care items displayed on this site are free of suspected carcinogens and harmful compounds. They include high quality cosmetics, shampoos, a complete bathroom change-out kit, together with many other day-to-day products.


Independent Distributor of Neways Products