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Natural Aromatherapy "Busters"

10ml Rollerball aromatherapy products to fit in your purse or pocket - use discretely anytime anywhere

"Busters" are natural products made from Blends of Pure Essential Oils.

Blended with the care usually associated with an expensive perfume but with therapy rather than fragrance in mind. Our Blends are unique in the market place and have been subjected to every test and evaluation imaginable over the years - from the clinical to the spiritual and, in every case and on every level, our Blends have been found to be effective.

Combining the skills of a clinical Aromatherapist with 30 years of clinical experience together with the buying/testing expertise of a biochemist, also with 30 years industry experience, you can be sure that there is no compromise in the making of our Blends.We buy from a pool of over 90 suppliers on the basis of therapeutic soundness and not just “purity”.

Although we retail the essential oils used in the making of our blends to therapists, we do not wholesale and are therefore not obliged to compete with the range or price offered by wholesalers who may sometimes be obliged to compromise on quality in order to maintain their market position as wholesalers of a full range of oils at competitive prices.

With our Blends, you can be sure that you’re getting the best oils combined in unique ways for one sole purpose – to make a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of the end user.

The Blends may be selected on the basis of "key words" such as "Insomnia" or "Insect Bites" and have been developed over 30 years through clinical practice. They are unique, not only in their complexity, but more importantly in the results achieved.

The blends are normally diluted into a carrier such as oil, cream, lotion, shower-gel, bath foam, spray etc. Rollerballs are very popular, discreet and easy to carry and use.

We are happy to advise you on the choice of product that will best suit your needs.

 For a taylor-made product at no extra cost Call: 01233 635207 or email us with details of you requirements:

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Safety First - Before using any aromatherapy product always do a test patch first to test for a reaction. Simply put a small amount of the product onto the inside of your forearm and leave for 2 - 4 hrs. If there is no reaction or irritation you should have no problems.


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