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The excerpt below is from a recent message received from a Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree student, regarding Reiki treatments given to adults with learnng difficulties. (Full comment is on a discussion on Natural Health House's Facebook pages):

"I just wanted to thank you Val for all the patience and help you gave me during my attunements and afterwards, Reiki has really changed my life. I have met some wonderful people through Reiki, other practictioners, animal healers.. alsorts of lovely people, I know I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet them without following the path I am following.

I have been given the opportunity to work with some adults with learning difficulties:

The gent doesn't always want to be treated in one go, which is fine, I generally treat him until he lets me know that he's had enough, treat the ladies then go back to him.

The young lady just soaks the treatments up like a sponge.

The older lady has these "stress" moments, I saw her last week when she was coming down from one of these turns. She was sitting bolt upright on the setee, sounding still quite angry. "The Reiki has really got to work hard today", I thought. After 10mins she was sitting a bit more relaxed, when I'd finished she was totally chilled playing with her beads.

The carers have noticed they all seem more relaxed. The young lady had her Reiki treatment and was due a hairdresser visit an hour or so after I'd gone... she was in such a deep sleep the carers couldn't wake her!

I just wish more people would give Reiki the fair chance it deserves, I have even treated someone with a chest infection. Done hands on Reiki around the lung area, tubes etc... they have done some extreme coughing and shown a very quick improvement, whereas the Steroids, puffers etc didn't seem to touch the problem."

Melissa (Kent)

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From Reiki 1st Degree students

"I'm so pleased I've been attuned and have a better understanding of what I've been doing instinctively. A group of four works well". (referring to class size)

LG (kent)

"..........Very interesting; The course was delivered in an informal and professional way, with plenty of time for discussion and questions. Looking forward to benefitting others, as well as my own health. Thank you Val."

KT (Kent)

I just wanted to say "thank you" for such a wonderful experience - it was a truly remarkable and memorable one. I am deeply grateful that I am finally on my wonderful journey to learning Reiki, and that I am fortunate to have found a warm and welcoming Reiki Master. It has taken years to get to this point. I am really excited about my next session, and further ones to come with you.

Thank you for your patience and for making it such a lovely experience.

EF (Kent)

"The setting was relaxing, which allowed us to ask questions, and get what we wanted out of the course. Valerie was calm and approachable at all times. Can't wait to do Level 2!"

JM (Kent)

"I was enjoying it very much and will do Reiki stage two. I have been very interested in taking Reiki for some years now. I find it so energising, and fulfilling, and am glad to make it part of my life and others. I will use it in my profession as a therapist."

RR (Portugal)


From Reiki Level II Student

I enjoyed the course, and Valerie is a great tutor, doesn't rush the course and explains everything thoroughly.

JH (Kent)


From Reiki Master Practitioner Student

.............................. "The attunement day was beautiful and I found you very easy to talk to. Thank you again for passing on such a wonderful gift from God.

AD (Kent)

From Reiki Master Teacher Student

"Thank you for being part of my Reiki journey - I've been on cloud 9 since Friday - it is such a priviledge and meant a great deal to me. I've been treating myself and find the energy much stronger and I can say my confidence in my ability is growing............................."

JW (Kent)

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