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Oral and Dental Care Products



Neways Dental Care System provides a health-conscious approach to oral hygiene. This complete line of dental products is specifically designed for families who want safe yet effective dental care - from keeping cavities in check and plaque under control to stamping out tooth decay and bad breath.

Neways Dental products are special cleaning formulas that are safe and gentle for all the family. They include natural cleansers and whiteners which can help dissolve food particles and reduce plaque build-up without the potential health risks associated with alcohol, sodium lauryl sulphate, and fluoride-formulated dental products.

Now every family member can enjoy fresher breath, sparkling white teeth - and safer, more efficient dental care with the Neways Dental Care System.Products:

Eliminator Mouthwash - (50ml)price £1.64

Eliminator Mouthwash (500ml) price £6.58

Radiance Toothpaste - (72g) price £3.29

Radiance Toothpaste (175g) price £6.58

Ultrashine Radiance - (175g) price £6.58

Whiten - for removing stains - a dentifrice whitening system, brushed onto dry teeth with a dry brush, then left for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with 'Eliminator', 50ml - price £9.87


 Independent Distributor of Neways products