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Neways Hair Care System draws upon some of the richest herbal extracts to cleanse and nourish your hair without stripping the hair shaft. These ultra-rich formulas contain amino acid complexes for intensified moisturising and conditioning. Complete with UV filters and herbal antioxidants Neways Hair Care System helps intercept damaging sunlight and free radicals for optimum environmental protection. Caress your hair with Neways Haircare System.


50ml/1.7 oz. (Item code 3072GB) - £ 3.29

250ml/8.5 oz. (Item code 3078GB) - £7.40

 500ml/16.9 oz. (Item code 3076GB) - £10.69



Ultimate Shampoo A self-adjusting, pH-balanced shampoo for all hair types. Ultimate contains curcuminoids, a high-powered antioxidant that may help protect hair and scalp from free radical damage. Its deep-cleansing antioxidant action effectively enhances Ultimate's dandruff-fighting power without stripping the hair shaft or irritating the scalp.

Use: Apply a small amount to the palm of the hands and work thoroughly into wet hair. Rinse and repeat. Follow with Exuberance Conditioner.



50ml/1.7 oz. (Item code 3082GB) - £ 2.47

250ml/8.5 oz. (Item code 3090GB) - £7..40 

500ml/16.9 oz. (Item code 3092GB) - £10.69

 Silken Mild Family Shampoo - Silken is a luxuriously mild moisturising shampoo specially formulated for dry to normal hair and is ideal for coloured, bleached, permed or chemically treated hair.

Use: Work a small amount through wet hair and rinse. Repeat, developing a rich, thick lather. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with Exuberance Conditioner.


50ml/1.7 oz. (Item code 3022GB) - £ 3.29 form target="paypal" action="" method="post">

125ml/4.2 oz. (Item code 3024GB) - £4.94

 250ml/8.5 oz. (Item code 3028GB) - £ 7.40


Exuberance Conditioner - A tallow-free hair conditioner, Exuberance utilizes hair keratin amino acids to help restructure damaged hair. Hair could become up to 200 percent stronger during wet combing and up to 67 percent stronger during dry combing with regular use.

Use: Apply after shampooing to towel-dried hair and allow to set for between two to five minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


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