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Studies conducted at a cosmetic research centre in Paris found that night hydrating creams often produce more efficient moisturising results than lotions applied during the day. Night creams can produce deep and lasting benefits to the skin. NightScience is a unique evening moisturiser rich in essential nutrients, with a rejuvenating yet gentle Vitamin A derivative, and natural compounds that support the skin.

Use: Apply NightScience in the evening as part of the Neways skin care regimen that matches your particular skin type. Massage cream into skin so that it deeply penetrates skin tissues. Also use NightScience after exposure to great amounts of sun in order to assist the body’s fight against UV rays. NightScience is safe for use on the face and around the eyes. NightScience is part of the Neways’ skin care line and works in conjunction with the complete skin care regimen.

60 ml/2 oz. (Item Code 1978GB) - £32.90


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