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Do we need to take supplements?

 In a word - YES!

Why? - Because researchers have demonstrated that it is impossible to obtain the minerals and trace elements that our bodies need from the food we eat.

According to a recent study modern farming methods have caused a dramatic reduction in essential minerals and trace elements in our food. The researchers discovered that there is up to 75% less calcium and 93% less copper in fruits and vegetables. Runner beans which used to contain a significant amount of sodium (vital for nerve and muscle tissue) have almost no trace of it at all. Broccoli has 75% less calcium (essential for building healthy bones and teeth), spinach has 60% less iron than 50 years ago and carrots have 75% less magnesium (which protects against heart attacks, asthma and kidney stones).

Research showing five decades of falling nutritional levels in our food:


 loss of minerals %


 Loss of minerals %

Runner beans

 nearly 100% of sodium


67% of iron


93% of copper


62% of sodium


75% of magnesium


55% of calcium


75% of calcium


45% of magnesium

Spring onions

74% of calcium

Passion Fruit

 43% of potassium


71% loss of iron


 39% loss of calcium


60% loss of iron


35% loss of calcium


47% loss of phosphorus


 32% loss of potassium

 Expert nutritionist David Thomas believes that these reductions are a direct result of modern farming practices using massive amounts of fertilisers on the soil which encourage plant growth at the expense of mineral content. Mr Thomas said "We are made up of these substances - if they are deficient then the body cannot cope as well as it would otherwise."

The conclusions were based on data from a comprehensive study of the contents of all major foods dating back to the 1940's. Certain trends were compared using figures from over a 50 year period. Similar trends were shown in the British food Journal 1997 when data between 1930 and 1980 was compared.

Professor Tim Lang from Thames Valley University, the renowned Centre for Food Policy is quoted as saying the results revealed an important trend which needs to be exposed. Plant breeders have been trying to develop fruits and vegetables that look nice, resist disease and can stand being shipped half way around the world without decomposing.

They are less concerned about the minerals in our food and, as a direct result, more and more people are dying from chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

However, many commercial supplements are made of metalic minerals, and are not supplied in a balanced formulation. Studies have shown that of 1000mg of calcium only 42mg is assimilated. Minerals and trace elements need to be bioavailable.


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