Paul Nogier's Foetal Theory

The theory that the ear can be perceived as an upturned foetus led Paul Nogier, an orthopedic surgeon from Lyon, to discover the wonders of 'auriculotherapy' in the early 1950's.

After noticing that some of his patients with an Algerian background had small burn scars in their auricles he discovered they had been treated by auricular cauterization for sciatica in their homeland. He travelled to North Africa to research this method of treatment, which involved cauterizing specific points on the ear.

In the same way that reflexology works on the principle that reflex points on feet and hands correspond directly with the body's organs and systems, Auricular therapy considers that the ears reflect the body's parts in specific points depicted on the image of an inverted foetus imagined in the ear.

In Thermo-Auricular Therapy we do not cauterize these points but use pressure during a massage of the ear to stimulate body organs and systems with the intent of rebalancing the whole of the body, in which state self-healing can take place.

A truly 'holistic' practice!

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