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The Power of Affirmations

By Valerie Lowe

Affirmations are simply positive sentences or phrases that we say to ourselves repeatedly over time, until the mind actually believes them.

All too often, we find people repeating "negative statements about themselves and their ability to do things", or "always having such and such a bad thing happen", or about "never having any good luck" and so on.

These sorts of comments will have started in the "conscious mind", but all too soon they become imprinted in the "unconscious mind", and the person will behave in the way he has become accustomed to, drawing negative outcomes to whatever situation arises.


The positive thing about this is, that the brain can unlearn these unhelpful thoughts. In the same way as undesirable thoughts have evolved into beliefs over time, it may take some persistence for the person to turn things around and start to truly believe he can actually change his life with the help of using regular affirmations.

We can all help ourselves by spending a few minutes every day reaffirming positive things about ourselves. If we say these things enough, the mind will start to believe them and drop the negative feelings that came along with the old beliefs.

Depending on our core beliefs (the thoughts that come to mind immediately a situation arises) we can decide what words we need to use to challenge them.

e.g.: Undesireable thought of an athlete: "I never win anything!"

Challenge this with: "Have you practised enough before competing? Do you believe that you can win the race?"

Self-belief is really important here, maybe you have come last a few times, and now you expect "not to be up with the leaders?"

Try creating "affirmations" such as:

Remember not to use negative words in these affirmations; refrain from using statements such as:

(by using negative words such as "not" and "won't" the negative idea is reinforced in the mind).

Using Daily Affirmations

Use daily affirmations; repeat them to yourself over and over again. Look in the mirror every morning, focus on what you are aiming to achieve, and say the affirmations confidently, out loud or silently to yourself, over and over and over again, and soon your brain will take it on board.

Write your chosen affirmations on a card and keep it somewhere (by the bathroom mirror for instance) where you will notice it and jog your memory.

It may also be helpful to start visualising yourself e.g.: in a race, imagine leading the field coming up to the finish. See yourself crossing the line in front, and sense how good you are feeling. Sense the feel of the ground beneath your feet, the cheering of the onlookers, the taste in your mouth, and the touch of the ribbon across your chest as you reach the finishing line. Use all of your senses: sight, scent, touch, sound and taste. (see visualisations for more details).

Creating Affirmations

When creating affirmations, keep them short. Say them to yourself whenever you have a spare moment, such as: while travelling on a train or bus, waiting for an appointment, walking (though not on the road), or at set times each day, such as on getting up in the morning or before going to sleep at night. Make time to be relaxed and calm so that you can focus on, and believe what you are saying.

Affirmations aim to permeate the unconscious mind, so they are to be repeated, repeated and repeated until they become "core beliefs" (thoughts that spring to mind automatically, when an event occurs). Remember that posture has a lot to do with the way you feel too. Make sure your stance is that of a successful person. Stand tall, shoulders back, and head held high (not in a stiff unnatural, position, but where you can feel comfortable and confident).

In order to obtain the best results it is important to reject negative thoughts whenever they enter your mind. Don't beat yourself up about them when they occur, just challenge them at once, and replace them with a positive thought. Powerful positive thoughts will, not only change the way you think, but will in turn, affect the way you behave, act and feel.

Destroying unhelpful thoughts and ideas will help to change your perspective on life, and draw positive outcomes towards you, situations, events, and also the people in your life too.

Affirmations for Self Belief

Here are some affirmations that may be useful for anyone who needs to strengthen their self-belief and boost their self-confidence.

Be sure to believe them and repeat, repeat, repeat them over, over, and over again until the unconscious mind turns them into positive beliefs.

  • I have the power to make my dreams come true

  • I am a strong and capable person

  • I put my trust in my inner guidance

  • I am a worthwhile person

  • I believe in myself

  • Every day I grow stronger and stronger

  • I can achieve all that I set out to do

  • I like myself better with every day

  • I love myself for who I am

  • My confidence grows with each step I take

  • Good things will come to me

  • I feel grateful for everything I have


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Remember the Law of Attraction "like attracts like" Law of Attraction

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