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........... Probably the safest talc alternative in the world!

Purisorb is a safe, natural alternative to talcum powder. A unique formula which is totally free from harmful chemicals.

PuriSorb 125g - £8.22

Wrap the protective arms of Neways around your family and feel safe in the knowledge that you are using PuriSorb - "probably the safest alternative to talc in the world".

Neways has chosen tapioca as a base for PuriSorb as they feel it is a safer alternative to conventional ingredients.

PuriSorb, free from harmful chemicals, is a natural, soothing powder, gentle enough for the whole family.

Key Benefits:

  • Absorbs excess oil and moisture from the skin

  • May reduce areas of minor skin irritation

  • Helps control Body Odour

  • Does not contain talc

  • May enhance the skin's condition.

Natural Health House recommends the use of talc-free powder for therapies - its benefits are listed above and its use is specially recommended for feet at the end of a reflexology session.


Independent Neways Distributor