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Therapists have often found Reiki a very useful tool to combine with their other therapies. Reiki energy is often found to flow naturally when a Reiki practitioner starts a treatment such as Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Thermo Auricular Therapy or other complementary treatments.

Reiki is actioned by "intent" and always for the "greatest good" of the recipient - if the recipient is not open to receive Reiki then their body will not accept it so there can never be any conflict.

Unlike other therapies, Reiki energy is passed from a Reiki Master to the student by means of an "attunement". Once someone is "attuned" to the energy they will have the ability to channel Reiki for life: the more Reiki is used the stronger and purer the energy will become.

In any "hands-on" treatment it is quite possible to channel Reiki to the patient:

  • During Reflexology - the Reiki energy can flow from the practitioner's palms into the feet of the patient and during "linking" the energy can be channelled between the points being held.

  • Indian Champissage (Head Massage) can be enhanced when Reiki is flowing during the treatment - it can easily be channelled at the start and reinforced at the chakra balancing parts at the end of the session.

  • Hopi Ear Candling (Thermo Auricular Therapy) can benefit from Reiki being channelled as the practitioner holds the candle with one hand and places the other over the crown chakra. Reiki can flow during the auricular massage that finishes the session to good effect.

  • Spiritual Healers often find their energy vibrating at a higher frequency too once they become attuned to Reiki.

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