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2012 Reiki classes - please go to Reiki Training for more details - Introduction to CBT for Therapists Training in 2012

Natural Health House in Ashford Kent, is happy to offer CBT techniques and strategies to clients in a 'package' combined with a relaxing complementary therapy for stress-related conditions. Click here

The excerpt below is from a message received regarding Reiki treatment for adults with learnng difficulties from a discussion on Natural Health House's Facebook pages: Feb 2011

"The carers have noticed they all seem more relaxed. The young lady had her Reiki treatment and was due a hairdresser visit an hour or so after I'd gone...she was in such a deep sleep the carers couldn't wake her!

I am learning so much from these clients and their carers, the carers do a fabulous job, I do admire them.

I just wanted to thank you Val for all the patience and help you gave me during my attunements and afterwards, Reiki has really changed my life. I have met some wonderful people through Reiki, other practictioners, animal healers.. alsorts of lovely people, I know I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet them without following the path I am following.

I just wish more people would give Reiki the fair chance it deserves, I have even treated someone with a chest infection. Done hands on Reiki around the lung area, tubes etc... they have done some extreme coughing and shown a very quick improvement, whereas the Steroids, puffers etc didn't seem to touch the problem"

Reiki Training to all levels Here

Susan Ricketts a Hypnotherapist gave an inspiring talk on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to the Ashford Reiki Group at the November meeting on 24th November 2010. Susan trains therapists in the use of this therapy in their work and lives. Natural Health House hosted training courses that Susan presented in January and May 2011 and will be holding another in January 2012.

Frank Janes gave an interesting talk to the Reiki Group at the September meeting. He is a Buddhist and talked about Buddhist beliefs before giving a short guided meditation to the benefit of all attending.

Nina Dhiman, a clinical psychologist and Yoga Teacher gave an interesting talk to Ashford's Reiki Group at the June 2010 meeting. She described the philosophy of yoga and the five 'Koshas' or layers of the body followed by a guided meditation. Nina runs Yoga Classes in Ashford Kent.

Great News on Revital's Pamper Event and Quiz Evening that raised money for the Chernobyl Children and MacMillan Cancer Support £1700 was raised on the day. Well done everyone!

A few of the treatments being done on the day!

Natural Health House supported this event with several practitioners giving 'Taster Sessions' on the day.


We had news of Jackson, the dog we first gave Reiki to at our "Reiki Awareness" event supporting the Chernobyl Children's Lifeline back in June 2008.

Since making a remarkable recovery after the first treatment and 'distant healing' sent by the group later, he had a recent relapse and started on chemo again. We had him in for a treatment again at the September meeting 2009, since when he has been making steady progress - not as quickly as before, but progress all the same. We sent distant Reiki in the 'Healing Circle ' again yesterday and would like anyone who would like to help to continue doing this.

Janice Furnival came in to tell us about "Juice Plus" a natural supplement of freshly picked then quickly dehydrated fruits and vegetables that "bridge the gap between what you do eat and what you should eat"! I imagine this would be helpful for anyone not eating a regular well balanced diet, recovering from ill-health or needing a boost to their immune system. There are no chemical additives of any kind to these products. Janice can be reached on 01622 851592 or 07974 078441 or by email:

Cliff is also promoting Websites at www.yellowtie.co.uk and will be offering introductory free web hosting to anyone wanting to promote their business in an up-to-date way. (or anyone wanting a private website for that matter!)

Ashford's Reiki people supported The Chernobyl Children again last year by giving treatments of Reiki and other Complementary Therapies at The Kennington Summer Fayre held at the Recreation Ground in Kennington. Ashford Kent during Reiki Awareness Week in June 2009.

Cognitive function and brain health have become part of Reiki's practise. Specifically focusing on relaxation, decreasing stress, and enhancing overall well-being. With age-related illnesses like Alzheimer's and people gettingĀ older and have memories problems, it's more crucial than ever to keep the brain healthy. Increasing the brain's ability to learn has driven people to seek out treatments such as Reiki alongside supplements that enhance cognition, such as BPC157. Buy Tb500

Natural Health House's Reiki Group in Ashford, Kent supported Reiki Awareness Week in June 2008 by also supporting a local charity that brings childhood victims of the Chernobyl disaster to the UK for a month's recuperation (see following article for more deails of these children).

Vouchers were given to those making a £10 donation to the charity in exchange for a Reiki treatment given at the Reiki Group Meeting held in Ashford town in June last year.

Members of Ashford's Reiki Group gave their services free of charge on the evening and the evening was a great success - read more.................

If you would like more information about 'The Chernobyl Children's Lifeline' in 2009 please read the message below this box.

For Reiki enquiries please email by clicking HERE

Hopefully we can all help Sarah from The Chernobyl Children's Lifeline to bring over more children this year to improve their health during a month's stay in kent. By supporting these local fund raising events the money raised will go to the charity:

A fund-raising event, organised by Clare of Revive, was held at the Stour Centre in Ashford on Sunday 27th January 2008 in aid of Chernobyl Children's Lifeline Ashford & Romney Marsh Link.

Complementary therapists gave their time to treat about 12 people each over the day with all funds going to the charity. Over £1000 was achieved and this figure will allow at least two more Chernobyl children to fly to England for a month's holiday in Kent.

These children, victims of the fallout from the Chernobyl disaster back in 1986, are amongst the 3.5 million living in poverty and sickness in Belarus.

When the radiation levels in the dust rise in Summer it is important for as many of these children as possible to get away from the contaminated farmland and food to build up their immune systems in a cleaner environment.

Local families in Ashford & Romney Marsh have been volunteering as hosts for some of these children over past years and it is the aim of Sarah, the area co-ordinator to bring as many across for a break as possible.

For more information on helping the Chernobyl children please email the contact link above and I will forward this to Sarah.

Saturday 26th January 2008 saw Jenny Lye's 'Winter Blues' workshop, which gave everyone affected by this seasonal disorder, strategies and techniques to tackle it.

It was an interesting workshop held in Brook, which also included some hand reflexology techniques to use as a self-help method to empower people to do something about their problem for themselves.

There was a chance to 'role-play' with 'victims' and 'friends' where each couple had an 'observer'. I think everyone learned a lot from the results, showing how much victims of Seasonal Affective Disorder need encouragement and self-empowerment to deal with their problems.

I was able to hold a Healing circle at the end and with several Reiki people at the workshop it proved very powerful indeed.

A Japanese Reiki Techniques Workshop was held held in Brook near Ashford on 3rd November last year, where the original Reiki techniques that were taught by Mikao Usui (the founder of the therapy)were introduced to an attentive group of Reiki practitioners of all levels, and others, who having experienced Reiki already, were interested to find out more about the practice before learning to do it themselves.

It proved an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in Reiki to learn or revise Reiki techniques that have only been introduced to the west over the last decade or so and help increase our understanding of this wonderful Japanese healing therapy.

Valerie Lowe welcomes everyone to her Japanese Reiki Techniques Workshop

The mix of the group worked really well, and very quickly everyone was joining in and practising techniques that are less commonly used in the west.

It was interesting and fun trying out these original methods of treatment and sharing experiences with each other afterwards.

An enjoyable day for all of us attending - everyone leaving with increasing confidence in their ability to use this wonderful method of treating oneself, family, friends, pets etc.....

A worthwhile workshop I may consider planning to hold again sometime in the future.

Wye Business Association Exhibition

Jenny and I joined forces at an event organised by the WBA recently - the picture shows us discussing our therapies with Damien Green the MP for Ashford. Unfortunately, Damien's busy schedule did not allow him enough time to sample a treatment on this occasion! Others were more fortunate and took up our offer of 'tasters'.

Alternative Therapy Day at Hythe Kent

An alternative therapy day held in Hythe on 26 May 2021 was a great success. I was able to introduce some new people to Reiki with very promising results. Even those who were a little skeptical at the start were pleasantly suprised by the end of the Reiki session. It was nice to show people there is often something you can do to aid self-healing, even after medical treatment has been unable to help.

Reiki Awareness Week

Reiki Awareness Week comes at the beginning of June and our Reiki group's contribution last year is detailed above near the top of the page.

Reiki is not meant to be complicated by man-made 'rules & regulations' - we try to keep it simple and just allow the energy to flow, using ourselves as a 'channel'- with some amazing results. So many myths have evolved about Reiki over the generations - do's and don'ts that have no foundation in fact, it is good to be reassured that Reiki ALWAYS works for the greatest good.

Reiki courses

During 2009 I am continuing to organise Reiki courses at all levels to fit in with personal requirements wherever possible - please contact me for details about any of these - NOW is your chance to learn this gentle healing therapy - just CLICK HERE to email for further details. Alternatively call on 01233 623711 or go to Reiki Class

Last summer people donating to the Chernobyl charity received Free Reiki Treatments at our June meeting. The previous year, people who wanted to try the therapy were able to come along to our June & July Meetings in Ashford and experience a treatment for themselves. These were two very successful events, benefiting not only members of our Reiki Group who offered their services free of charge, but also those who wanted to discover more about Reiki by experiencing a treatment for themselves.

Past News (2006)

Tadao Yamaguchi was in the country again last year and gave a talk at CAMEXPO in London in October 2006. He has continued to introduce the wonderful healing powers of Reiki to many new people.

Visiting the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Expo held at Excel at the end of last October, I was happy to meet Doreen Sawyer at the UK Reiki Federation stand and hear about her Reiki get-together planned for this year. Its always nice to put a face to someone you talk to on the phone from time to time. The people giving taster sessions at the Federation's stand were busy treating people whenever I passed by.

Apart from having tasters of some of the other therapies on offer, I was also delighted to have got a seat at the excellent Reiki seminar: "Reiki and Life Balance" presented by Dr Robert Jefford. Not only did we listen to his interesting presentation but were given demonstrations of both building energy and taking away energy (it all seemed so simple!) and we were also able to practice using these energy techniques on one another during the session.

Robert was born in England, but from the age of seven was raised in Japan and Hong Kong where he not only learnt Reiki, but also energy-building martial arts such as Karate, Judo, Aikido and Kendo giving him many years of experience in 'energy' work I picked up some very useful topics for discussion with the students.

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