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(A few excerpts from messages received)

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The childbirth reflexology session completely relaxed me, and by concentrating on the appropriate areas, I believe I was able to better manage my emotions after the birth. It is recommended to me that the Follistatin 344 supplement has really helped in increasing my FSH levels and I a fairly quick delivery as a result. Read more today!

Reiki for stress

Just wanted to say thank you for the Reiki treatment yesterday. Really did feel I benefited from the session. Came home and chilled out so much I fell asleep on the sofa! Drank plenty of water. Slept really well last night, though needed to get up twice in the night, dropped off back to sleep no problem (usually toss and turn once I have to get up). This morning, awake and up at 06.30, first time in 5 weeks!

Am looking forward to my next treatment.

JS (Kent)

Reiki with (CBT techniques) Affirmations and Visualisations

Simply to say how pleased (and surprised) how much your treatment has improved my well-being.

Painful, stiff joints eased up no end, and at the other end of the scale, I do not feel uncomfortable going out on my own any more! What fascinates me most is not having a clue about how you did it, after so few sessions, where I hardly opened my eyes.

I am quite happy to remain mystified, the results are well worth it.

Thank you very much indeed.

SG (Kent)

Maternity Reflexology

Val creates the perfect environment - it' clean, pysically comfortable and I don't feel under pressure to stay awake and talk! I can just relax and enjoy the whole experience

From a pre-natal perspective, not only did reflexology relax me, but the baby seemed quite contented too. So beneficial to both mother and child.

Sarah Trigg

Maternity Reflexology

I thought I would send you a photo of baby via email for your photo wall. My friend came to see you on Tuesday and had her baby in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

I believed in Reflexology before I came to see you but now am in now doubt of what it can do, since both had our babies within 24 hours of seeing you.


Maternity Reflexology

Pre-Birth relaxation just before due date:

I was very nervous about the weeks ahead, and the treatment helped me to relax - a bit of pampering always help to take your mind off things!

Shelley Saville

Testimonial from pre and post IVF client:

I have found the Reflexology sessions to be very beneficial to me during my infertility problems. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility, and have had IVF to produce my son.

I feel that the reflexology I had, has had a direct effect on me becoming pregnant, both in a physical and psychological way. I would highly recommend it!

JT (Kent)

Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology was hugely beneficial to me. Not only was it relaxing but it was also safe.

Very quickly after my last Reflexology session I went into labour naturally.

I recommended it to a friend and she also went into labour at the right time at the end of her pregnancy.


Maternity Reflexology

I believe that the reflexology session relaxed me completely and by concentrating on the appropriate areas, stimulated labour to start. Had completely natural and relatively quick birth and am sure a lot of this was down to reflexology.






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