Chemical Compounds


According to Friends of The Earth, pretty much anything you buy - whether it's soap or a computer, perfume or paints - will contain a mixture of substances produced in a chemical factory.

Chemicals are used for all kinds of reasons, such as to smell nice or to kill germs. The uncomfortable truth is, more and more research is suggesting that some chemicals are threatening our health with a new kind of pollution that contaminates the bodies of us and our families.


What the papers say

What's in your make-up's make-up? ROSALIND RYAN, femail. 20/12/02

"There is a growing amount of evidence to show that your make-up and skin-care routine could actually cause a range of conditions from skin allergies to cancer."


More household products, which harm your health ROSALIND RYAN, femail. 13/9/02

"There is no point eating organic food and following detox health regimes if your home could be poisoning you."


Is your make-up bag making you ill? ALICE FOWLER and AMY ANDERSON, Daily Mail 24/4/02

"Every day, women are unknowingly exposing themselves to a cocktail of toxic chemicals - just by following a beauty regime, it has been claimed. According to controversial new research, make-up bags and bathroom shelves are loaded with seemingly innocent products, which, over time, can cause cancer, disrupt hormones or break down into formaldehyde."

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